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Join the Overnight Qari Experience

You're one step away from transforming your recitation.

This course will take you beyond tajweed and into the world of maqamat and the art of recitation. Others like yourself have been able to use our methods to learn to recite in a beautiful, easy to follow tune - even if they previously thought they were tone-deaf.

Here's what you'll get:

Live Lessons + lifetime access to recordings

Group coaching calls where you can ask questions and recite for feedback

Step by step audio exercises to help you practice and impelement the patterns we learn

Telegram community where you can get help and interact with fellow students

What others have said about our maqamat training:

What Our Customers Say

"Alhamdulillah the maqam hijaz course was absolutely amazing - I managed to feel after this course of course much more confident in reciting the quran, less self-conscious regarding my tune and subhanallah the maqam hijaz flows every time without me even having to think about it."

(Talha Shaikh, UK)

Sh Idrees Ally's style of teaching was simple, easy to understand and effective. I feel more confident with my recitation than before and I actually enjoy it more too. I would recommend courses with Sh Idrees. You will find them most beneficial.

- Yusuf, Leicester UK

I benefited tremendously from the course and my connection with the book of Allah increased. Today I recite the Quran more often, knowing that I am capable of producing some of the beauty found in Allah's book using my own voice.

- Ali, Florida USA

Fair Use Refund Policy: Engage with the course material in good faith and ask for help if needed. If, by March 1, 2024, you've given the course a sincere try but you're still not satisfied, we'll gladly issue a full refund. Unfortunately we cannot issue refunds if there's limited engagement with the course, a change of mind, or personal time or financial constraints.

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Optional add-on: Intro to Maqamat course
For those who are relatively new to maqamat. This short course will give you a practical introduction to the various maqamat, to help you become familiar with how they sound.
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